Pine Perks is a unique platform that helps Corporates send gifts and rewards in bulk, thereby easing operations and delighting employees, partners and associates, all in one go.

The recipients can buy Gift Vouchers of choice from popular Brands listed on the platform. Users can access the platform through the website or download the mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. The Corporates also have an option to gift physical Cards and gift Reward Coupons to suit various gifting needs.

Pine Perks also offers a feature that allows Corporates to distribute Meal and Fuel allowances to their employees, thereby easing operations. The allowances can be distributed in the form of e-wallets, with employees accessing the app/ website to redeem the same, or issue physical Cards that can be redeemed at participating outlets.

The generated vouchers, Cards and Wallet amounts can be redeemed in a seamless and secure manner making Pine Perks a preferred choice for distributing gifts and incentives to employees and partners.


  • Gift of choice leads to delight and satisfaction of gift receivers
  • Easy distribution of Meal and Fuel Allowances
  • Distribution of Gifts and Allowances as e-Gifts and physical Cards
  • Fully automated ordering panel and reports for audit-tracking
  • Absolutely secure platform
  • Order processing in less than 24 hours
  • Minimum manual intervention
  • No logistics and operations involved


  • Choice of Brands to redeem Rewards Amount
  • Ability to share the Gift received on Social Media Platforms
  • Option to use Meal and Fuel allowances at participating outlets
  • Option to check voucher history in real-time
  • Timely alerts to keep track of unused vouchers
  • Seamless and secure redemption at retail outlets


  • Customer Acquisition
  • Increases Value of sale
  • End to end hosted solution
  • Absolutely Secure